Samooh MahaPooja - 2015, Tarsali, Vadodara

On Date: 11 October 2015
Activity: Cultural Care



A program of 583 Mahapooja by the devotees was organized on Sunday, the 11th October 2015 on account of 50th anniversary of sacred day of P.P. Swamij’s initiation and considering His age of 83 years by the Tarsali (Charanraj Group), Vadodara under the guidance and the inspiration from regional saint P. Suchetanswami and P. Praneshswami in the Vijaynagar Garba Ground of Tarsali area which was made available to us, for the Mahapooja by the devotees in such a record breaking number for the first time, by the cooperation of atmiya swajan Shri Amarsinhbhai Thakor, Shri Rajubhai Thakor, Shri Kiritbhai Joshi, Shri Vasudevbhai Prajapati and the entire committee members of Vijaynagar.

This was performed with a high spirit of discipline yet, with a great degree of devotion in which, around 50 saints from Haridham, Sokhada including P. Kothariswami, P. Shashtriswami, P. Madhavswami, P. Dasswami and P. Hariprakashswami and the mayor (Vadodara Mahanagar Sevasadan) and all the elderly swajan and the volunteers from Bhagatji Pradesh had participated.

All the elders, the ladies and the gents, the boys and the girls of Tarsali Mandal had resolved to celebrate the function with Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta and, with the spirit of Dasatvabhakti and atmiyata as per the expectations by P.P. Swamishri. All the elders and the volunteers of entire Bhagatji Pradesh got an opportunity and benefit of the blessings by P. Kothariswami and the elderly saints and the Mahapooja conducted/directed by P. Praneshswami. Around more than 1800 devotees got an advantage of Mahapooja and the Mahaprasad.

Even Guruhari P.P. SwamiShri Himself, sitting in the foreign country, also had shown His great pleasure and happiness by hearing about this function celebrated with high degree of atmiyata and devotion.

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