Atmiya Satsang Sabha - 2015, Samarpada, Netrang

On Date: 17 December 2015



On Thursday, the 17th December 2015, an Atmiya Satsang Sabha of around 3000 devotees from Dediyapada Dist. of Sahajanand Pradesh was held at Samarpada Village in the presence of regional saint leader P. Bhaktivallabhswami where, the regional saint leader of Shrihari Pradesh P. Sarvamangalswami also remained present who invited all to positively attend the International Youth Convention to be held in January 2016.

In the beginning of the sabha, the devotees from the Kirtan Mandal had filled the entire surrounding atmosphere with devotion by presenting their kirtanbhajans and then, the regional president and the youth volunteers had worshiped and garlanded Shree Thakorjee followed by welcoming the saints and the respected guest Sri Shankarbhai Vasava (Ex MLA) by garlanding them.

Then, explaining the value and importance of satsang and bhakti/devotion in our life, P. Bhaktiswamiji said that, though the entire Sahajanand Pradesh is mostly of illiterate villagers and native inhabitants who used to take non-veg foods and were addicted and were regular drunkards but, after being involved with the activities of Satsang and as a result of the efforts by the saints here, they all have given up their all such bad habits and now, they don’t even leave their house without doing their puja-path and don’t take even any outside foods and he also requested all to always keep their attachment to satsang for bringing such positive and beneficial changes in their life.

At the end of the sabha, inviting all, to positively attend the forthcoming International Youth Convention at Surat, P. Sarvamangalswami had explained Guruhari Swamiji’s motive behind organizing it and said that, even at His such an old age of 82 years, P.P. Hariprasadswamiji takes such a great pain and works very hard daily and constantly just for the betterment and right direction of youths to save them from being misled by the disastrous flows of presently prevailing moves in the society/world and to make them work for the peace, prosperity, happiness, upliftment and betterment of their families, society and the nation and that too, just for the fulfillment of a command from His Guru Yogiji Maharaj and to materialize His own life-slogan “Youths are my everything” by calling/collecting them at such conventions. He further said that, when lakhs of youths from all over India and abroad are coming for this convention, Surat is a very close place for all of us so, please do come with your families and friends.

All the devotees dispersed after taking mahaprasad.

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Our Aim

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