Satsang Sabha - 2016, Surasamal

On Date: 08 May 2016




A sabha of the members of Atmiya Family was held at the precincts of Sura Shamal village of Shinor Dist. in Sarvatit Pradesh on Sunday, the 8th May 2016 in the presence of regional saint leaders P. Vishweshawarswami and P. Sarvamangalswami in which around 1300 devotees remained present to take the advantage of the same.

The Sabha got started with chanting of welcome slokas and the dhoon-bhajans after all the devotee came to the sabha place having taken their meals. Then, the Thakorji was worshipped and garlanded. All the saints present there were welcomed by the Sirpanch of Sura Shamal village Shri Sherubhai, Shri Ibrahimbhai and Shri Aiyubbhai by garlanding them.

While addressing the youths on this occasion, P.B. Sanjaybhai (Minister) explained to the youths that, the “Atmiyata” is the only and the best solution to all our questions/problems. He also informed that, the master key to please P.P. Swamiji is to accept/obey our regional saints and the bhagvadi leaders.

P.B. Jashbhai Saheb (Pisai) presented before the youths in his humorous style, the incidents of his old memories with P.P. Swamiji. He said that, though, we got lot of chances/opportunities of very close intimacy with P.P. Swamiji in those days as, very few people knew about P.P. Swamiji and even His followers also were few as He had just started His real work/mission in those days but, we did not know the rare/real/actual/proper/appropriate value, glory and the greatness of P.P. Swamiji then, but, you all are really very very lucky that, you all have come in touch with P.P. Swamiji from this young age/the most real time only and are progressing in the satsang having understood Him. He openly admitted that, they would have totally and very miserably spoiled and ruined their lives by going astray/away from the satsang, if they had not come in touch with P.P. Swamiji in their life.

By describing the incidents of Guruhari P.P. Swamishree’s faith and glory, the regional saint leader P. Vishweshwarswami called upon all to develop and to solidify total/permanent faith in P.P. Swamiji.

Then, the main speaker of today’s sabha, P. Sarvamangalswami had informed and explained through the medium of several incidents that, P.P. Swamiji expects from all the satsangis/devotees the real Nishtha/Faith and Dasatva. While explaining and guiding on the basis of Vachanamrut No. 27 of the 1st Chapter of Gadhada, as to how we can solidify out swaroopnishtha/faith towards the present/existing God, he said that, on every incident, we must always accept Him only as the divine being, the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, the supreme and the good/welfare doer and do our swadhyay/bhajan. At the same time, he also advised/reminded all to develop a habit of doing bhajan with totally undistracted mind for at least 30 minutes daily.

In this Sabha, the Chairman Shri Rajankumar Rathawa and the Manager Shri Arvindsing Panesara of U.C. Corp. of India had explained to the audience about the Digital Literacy, a program conducted under the National Digital Literacy Mission by the Govt. of India and provided the basic training of operating Mobile-Tablet and Computer under the Digital Literacy and informed as to how to collect the detailed information about the different schemes run by the Govt.

At the end of the sabha, all the youths had taken a group photograph with the saints. A sign of unique pleasure was clearly seen on the faces of all the devotees and they left for their destinations by memorizing the lectures heard here.

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