Atmiya Sneh Milan - 2015, Surat

On Date: 20 December 2015




On account of Guruhari P.P. Swamiji’s 83rd birth anniversary, an International Atmiya Youth Convention is going to be celebrate in the coming January. As a part of inviting all in this Convention, an Atmiya Social Gathering in the presence of Guruhari P.P. Swamishri was organized in the vast green garden of “Shree Niketan Farm” situated on Varachha Road of Suarat, between 6 pm to 9 pm in the evening on Sunday, the 20th December 2015. The presence with full of Atmiyata by a group of saints coming from holy religious place of Haridham Sokhada, P. Viththaldas Patel (The president of entire Satsang community, Yogi Divine Society) and nearly 1500 renowned leading persons from Surat City, became a rare and a special gift for Surat City.

In the beginning the auspicious dawn of the gathering, in his forceful speech of Saurashtra style, presenting a delicious dish of “Dhanya Suratni Nagari.....” Shri Jitubhai Makwana introduced/presented the splendid, variegated history of Surat before all.

Then a bhajan-sandhya, an evening of devotional songs was presented by the saints of Suhrad Sangeet Mandal of Haridham in their very sweet voice followed by an audio-video presentation of a divine society of Saints-Ambrish-Youths created by Shri Guruhari as a result of His unceasing perseverance of 82 long years of life to which, all were saluting by their heart.

Then, the regional saint leader (Surat) P. Sarvamangalswami, by describing/narrating the incidents of nobility and the spirit of the youths coming from all over the world, invited all with their families and friends to grab an opportunity of Darshans / Speech of Guruhari Swamishri, the creator of a vast society of youths like the chaitnya temples, on the 3rd January, 2016 in the Atmiya Youth Convention to be celebrated on the occasion of His birthday.

He, the social business leader, who has, side by side of is business, utilized rightly/properly his wealth/property, has acted as a guardian for those children who have lost the shelter of their fathers, and who has committed to provide the happiness and pleasure in the life of orphan daughters, Shri Maheshbhai Savani was offered a shawl and a letter of honor at the holy hand of P.P. Swamishri Himself. While speaking on this occasion, Shri Mahedhbhai Savani said that, on performing the deeds of upliftment of the society, the all the vices from us fade away gradually. He talked of his feelings of being fulfilled by receiving the blessings from P.P. Swamiji and also narrated the inspirational matters of progress of education field to the audience.

Welcoming all the renowned/respected persons with his word-flowers, P. Guruprasadswami had clarified the intension of this Atmiya Social Gathering and had guide about all the arrangements of road maps, sitting arrangements, parking, eating place etc. in the Youth Adhivation of 3rd January through a video presentation and also had invited all to positively come to this Atmiya Youth Convention with their families, friends and relatives and to experience the sense of a unique fulfillment. He had also appreciated the services-devotion of all the workers for their forceful preparations for Youth Convention even during such a chilling cold.

While blessing all in the end, P.P. Swamiji described the glorious history of Gujarat and Saurashtra. He said that, by coming here all the Gods, Shri Ramchandraji, Shri Krishna, Shri Mahavirswami, Shri Shivji and Shri Swaminarayan, have specially made the soil of Gujarat vey sacred. Expressing His pleasure for the devotion of Surat, He invited all the dignitaries. He called upon all to spread the message of Atmiyata and of Suhradbhav in the entire society while explaining the inevitability of God or the God bearing saints in our life for the purity/cleanliness/holy-ness of our organs/senses and heart/mind. He also put up a prayer at the holy feet of Swamishreeji and of Yogibapa so that, the people of Surat city get the shelter/lap/company and the guidance of such saint and make their life fulfilled and a success.

After the blessings of P.P. Swamishri, all the invitee guests did atmiya touch to Him and receiving blessings from Him one by one, they all felt fulfilled. P. Premswaroopswami and the saints served mahaprasad with their real love to all of them.

During the program, the newly elected Mayor of Surat city Smt. Asmitaben Shiroya was honored by the sisters from Bhaktiashram. Shri Jitubhai Makwana from education field had won the hearts of all by conducting the entire program very perfectly with his forceful yet very sweet speech for his services and devotion to all by him.

In this Atmiya Social Gathering, atmiya swajan like Shri Nanubhai Vanani (Min. – Guj. Govt.), the 1st Citizen of Surat city, the Mayor Smt. Asmitaben Shiroya (Ladies Gr.), the C.M. of Standing Comm. Shri Rajeshbhai Desai, the leader of Patel Comm. Shri Maheshbhai Savani, Sri K.D. Waghani, Shri Savajibhai Vekariya, Shri Umeshbhai (Swami) and Shri Jasmatbhai (Panavi) and around 1500 atmiya kinsmen-like leaders from the Surat city had remained present.


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Our Aim

O Lord ! Anyone becomes Atmiya or not, Please make me Atmiya !