Satsang Sabha, Zadeshwar

On Date: 08 December 2014




On 27/12/2014, an auspicious An An Atmiya Social Gathering of around 1500 leading personalities from Bharuch city and its surrounding villages was organized between 7.00 pm & 9 pm on Monday, the 8th Dec 2014 under the guidance of regional saint leader P. Harisharanswami and the President Sri Khandubhai Patel in the presence of Guruhari P.P. Swmishree.

The meeting got started with presentation of Kirtan-Bhakti followed by an address by P.B. Mukeshbhai Mehta described the age work of P.P. Swamiji before all the attendents.. Narrating/analyzing various incidents, P. Shantubhai, who came from America, explained as to why P.P. Swamiji is celebrating the forthcoming Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav in 2015. Then, Sri Pravinbhai Kachhadiya presented, narrating various related incidents, a picture of great Yuva Society formed by the totally selfless love by P.P. Swamiji to them.

P.B. Purveshbhai (London) and P.B. Khumansinhbhau Vasava were honored by awarding to them the “Atmiya Yuva” awards at the hands of Sri Dushyantbhai Patel (MLA) and ex. min. Khumansinhbhai Vasiya On this occasion, due to their cordial atmiya relations with P.P. Swamishree, the leading respected personalities from the society like Min. Sri Chhatrasinhbhai Mori, MLA Sri Bharatsinhbhai Parmar, MLA Sri Dushyantbhai Patel, Ex Min. Sri Khumansinhbhai Vansiya, Zilla president Sri Manharsinhbhai Gohil, Leading Public Singer Sri Abhesinhbhai Rathod, Councilor Sri R.V. Patel Sir, P. Kakuji, Sri Prvinbhai Kachhadiya (Dir. Atmiya School) and the leading groups of Doctors, social workers, industrialists, advocates, educationists etc. also remained present.

In the end, in His blessing speech, P.P. Swamiji said that, in Geeta, the senses like Kam, Krodh and Lobh (Passion, Anger and Greed) are described as the gateways to hell while our Gunatitanandswami Has called Hath, Man and Irshya (Obstinacy, Reverence and Envy) as the entries to the hell. He further said that, to get rid of all these vices, it is inevitable to have the friendliness with real/pure/Godly saints and also analyzed the subject and also heartily invited all for the forthcoming Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav.

The entire responsibility of total arrangements of this meeting was borne by Ambish society and youths of Bharuch.

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Our Aim

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