Satsang Sabha, Vadodara

On Date: 01 June 2014

With the grace and blessings and at the instance of H.H.P.P Swamishri, the 76th birthday, Amrut Mahotsav of our spiritual mother and ideal saint P.Kothari Swamiji and the President of entire Atmiya Samaj and ideal Ambarish Devotee Shri Vitthal Das (FUVA) was celebrated together at Shivam Party Plot, Vadodara on 01/06/2014 evening with devotional joy and ardent feelings in the presence of about 8000 devotees.

On the celebration of golden jubilee of both these ideals of entire Gunatit Samaj P.Bharatbhai , P.Vashibhai, P.Mahendrabapu along with about 25 devotees from Powai and P.Ratibhai, P.Dilipbhai and other Sadhak brothers as well as Saints from Sankarda, Kantariya and P.Nirmal Swamiji from Samadhiyada also had remained present to grace the occasion.

The entire atmosphere was totally filled with magic effect of devotional songs presented by saints and everybody was soaked spellbound with vibrations of these bhajans before both these personalities were seated by the entire Ambrish Samaj of Vodadara on stage on both the sides of sacred lotus feet of Thakorji placed in the center in the gorgeously and attractively decorated swing.

The sabha began with welcome dance presented by enthusiastic youths of Vadodara Mandal which also depicted necessity and importance of Holly Saints and elderly leaders in our life. This was followed by process of presenting Flowers and Bouquets and Cards to Kothari Swamiji and Fuva and then,  P.Bhakti Swami guided all to remain frank and open and to seek and accept guidance/instructions from leaders without much justification and arguments. On behalf of Powai Mandal, Chicago Mandal, P.Dinkarbhai and P.B.Ghanshyambhai Amin P.Bharatbhai presented his heartfelt gratitude to both the personalities and prayed to Shrijimaharaj and Swamiji for their good health and craved for achieving qualities like them.

P.P.Swamiji showed his happiness and satisfaction on seeing the presence such a huge gathering of all devotee satsangis and new attendants and bestowed his kind blessings upon all and recalled the formation of first satsang mandal at Vadodara and called upon all to be at the top in achieving the holly qualities of “ SAMP - SUHRADBHAV - EKTA ” as preached by P.P.Yogiji Maharaj and also advised to create topmost intimacy with P.Kothari Swamiji and P.Fuvaji. Remembering the founder of Vadodara Mandal Shri Raman Bhagat and other leaders, he called upon to take maximum possible advantage of P.Kothari Swamiji’s valuable guidance and accept other spiritual leaders too.

Almost all the prominent personalities and leaders from all walks of life in Vadodara were present at the celebration and presented flowers and bouquets to P.Kothari Swamiji and obtained his blessings and all received Prasad of both, the blessings and dinner and dispersed at 10.30 P.M.

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Our Aim

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