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On Date: 20 August 2013
Activity: Festival

d„Nmhpf, sp. 20/8/2013“p qv$hk¡ khpf“p 9:00 ’u 12:00 vf$çep“, Nyfylqf ‘.‘|. õhpduÆA¡ 18 hMs ‘p¡sp“u ‘|r“s QfZfS>’u ‘ph“ L$fu R>¡, s¡hu âkpv$uc|s ^fsu "S|>’m' Npddp„, S|>’m“p ‘V¡$gkdpS> Mps¡ âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|. kyep¡NÆh“õhpdu s’p ‘|. k„srâeõhpdu“p dpN®v$i®“ l¡W$m fnpb„^“ kd¥ep“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„. NyZpsus âv$¡i“p gNcN 800 S>¡¡V$gp dyL$sp¡A¡ Ap kd¥ep“p¡ gpc gu^p¡.


On Date: 18 August 2016
Activity: Festival

The Purnima of Shravan month means “Rakhabandhan”. On account of this festival on Thursday, the 18th August 2016, nearly 200 Ambrish and 50 other devotees of regional pradesh had got the raksha tied on their wrists by P. Tyagvallabhswami and P. Sarvatitswami after taking the benefit of Darshans and spiritual talks by them in Yogidham, Rajkot.

‘rhÓ îphZ dpk“u ‘|rZ®dp A¡V$g¡ "fnpb„^“'. Nyfyhpf, sp.18-08-2016 “p fp¡S> ep¡Nu^pd, fpS>L$p¡V$ Mps¡ âv$¡i“p 200 S>¡V$gp A„bfuj cL$sp¡ s’p 50 S>¡V$gp kv¹$cphhpmp cL$sp¡A¡ fnpb„^““p ‘rhÓ qv$hk¡ ‘|.ÐepNh‰cõhpdu A“¡ ‘|.khp®susõhpdu“p kp„r“Ýedp„ c¡Np dmu v$i®“, L$’phpsp®“p¡ gpc gC fnp b„^phu lsu.


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